Thursday, February 25, 2016

 Exciting Day in Fourth Grade-Science Outside and Sandwich Saturday-February 25,2016

We went outside today for Science. We caught snowflakes and looked at them under the microscope just like Snowflake Bentley did. The kids had a blast looking at snowflakes under the microscope and seeing that they really do have six-branches!

Dear Parents,

        As a class, for our school service project, “Sandwich Saturday,” we were able to make 223 bologna and sandwiches. We were able to also include a sweet treat, 204 double packs, of Swiss rolls and peanut butter wafers. This was a wonderful experience for these students to see and participate in God’s work of Mercy. We talked in class about how we are disciples of God and when we do his work, by feeding the hungry, we are performing Discipleship.


Your children are a true blessing,

Robin Sanders


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